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Melba Patillo Beals


Book Dr. Melba Beals for corporate or academic webinars. She shares her gifts of Wisdom around the world before Corporate, University and High School audiences.


  Appointments available now.

Welcome to  You are invited to participate in a live video conversation and lecture with Dr. Melba Beals, multiple award-winning author, educator, lecturer and one of the Little Rock Nine.  At age 15, she had faced angry mobs, and vindictive students in order to earn a better education.  This is an amazing opportunity to have a live interactive event for your school or business with Dr. Melba Beals.

Dr. Beals is the author of two books that deal with segregation in the 1940's and 1950's; Warriors Don't Cry and March Forward, Girl.  These memories bring to life the raw emotions of a young girl who understood early in her life that she must fight of self-respect in a word where others were determined to make her "less than."

Dr. Melba Beals will speak about "Choice, Voice and Inclusion" and how they relate to personal equality.  She will also share her story and answer questions.

Melba Pattillo Beals - Little Rock Nine.png

Melba Beals, in the white blouse and the other members of the Little Rock Nine are being escorted by the National Guard to school at Central High.

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